AWKNG Press is the publishing division of AWKNG, a non-profit providing resources that awaken God’s people to fully engage the values of the Kingdom for the advancement of the Church.

Here at AWKNG Press, we work with authors to publish books, curriculums, e-books, and other relative publications that will bring Kingdom revelation to God’s people.

We exist to be a Kingdom resource that believers can trust to help them grow spiritually and that authors can rely on to champion their message.

AWKNG Press seeks to publish and distribute resources filled with Christian revelation, and Kingdom values such as:

· Spiritual Growth

· Marriage & Family

· Wholeness

· Mental Health

· Social Justice

· Leadership

Upcoming Authors

AWKNG Press is proud to announce upcoming titles by authors such as Stovall Weems, Kerri Weems, Paul Wilbur, Bryan Schwartz, Dr. Heiser, and many more to be announced.

Stovall Weems

Kerri Weems

Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Paul Wilbur

Bryan Schwartz

Interested in publishing your next title with AWKNG Press?

AWKNG Press offers traditional & hybrid contract types. For more information and details on each agreement arrangement, please use the form below.